Cultural Exchange Program And Home stay  program

This program gives you opportunities to explore the rich cultural diversity of Nepal. Nepal's vast diversity of people, rich culture & art as well as distinctive architecture, makes it ideal as an amazing & interesting destination for exploration. Nepal is claimed to be one of the best exploring destinations with all its varied language, tradition & unique hospitality of the people inhabited in the countryside.

The best month for home stay is from the month of August to December where loads of local festivals take place that makes the volunteers stay more excitable and memorable. Other month from January to May is also very good for excellent whether condition.

Nepali culture is diverse, there are numbers of tribal group reside in different parts of the country. Each tribal group has their own dialect they used Nepali language to communicate with inter group. They celebrate their own festival like sherpas, Gurugn and Tamang they celebrate “Lhosar”, Newari group celebrate “indrajatra, ghode jatra, kwanti purnimaa.” Similarly other tribal group Rai, Limbu celebrates Cahndipurne.


Home stay program is a unique opportunities to observe Nepali and other tribal group culture and their lifestyle. Alliance  Nepal offers home stay program for students, expatriates volunteers or anyone who wants to see Nepal very closely. The home stay program could be arranged in rural, urban and other location in BB basis or full board basis. Our hosts have already served numbers of international paying guests who experience a worthwhile time. They are very hospitable, helpful, understand more western culture and respect it.

Alliance  Nepal main objectives of this program is to introduce Home Stay program in Nepal and help to students who wish to research about related with Nepal and Nepalese. More over we aim to support volunteer in understaffed community schools, teach local women group and youth group. Depend on participants’ availability you can work 3 to 6 hours a day, 6 days a week.

As a participant for cross culture and home stay program you have to be:

  • flexible and able to demonstrate respect for another culture;

  • sensitive to local cultural values;

  • willing to observe prevailing workplace hierarchies and protocol;

  • able to work independently;

  • willing to serve others in the way they want to be served; be

  • able to demonstrate initiative and have a sense of humor;

  • open to other possibilities, differing opinions, and values that may contradict your own;

  • able to function as a member of a team;

Upon your arrival, if you are traveling by air you will be picked up at the airport and traveling by over-lands picked up from bus station in Kathmandu and placed in a hostel. You will go to Alliance  office to introduce with staff member, code of conduct about Alliance  Nepal and briefing about your project and placement.

You will receive pre placement orientation appropriate to length of volunteering and necessities.
During this time, you will participate in a 3-day volunteer orientation designed to ensure a smooth transition into Nepali culture life and a productive contribution to the local community. The orientation will provide you with extensive information about your new work situation, as well as tips on handling intercultural issues. After completion your orientation you will be taken to your placement.

Dates and Duration     

  • The program starts on the first and sixteenth of each month.

  • You can volunteer from 2 weeks to 5 months in a calendar year.

Eligibility and Skills Required     


  • Minimum age 18 yrs

  • You do not need any formal teacher training or experience to participate, but whatever experience you do have will be taken into account when arranging your day-to-day activities.

  • Volunteers need to be independent, enthusiastic and adaptable, hard-working with an open-minded attitude.

Depending on your project locations, if you are placed in rural area then you will be staying with host family who provide you a room. You have to understand Nepal is a one of the poorest country so you do not expect very cozy board in rural host family. Some placement may not have electricity they use either solar panel electricity with few voltage power or they use candle and kerosene lamp.

During orientation you will have food as per your choice in pokhara. There are varieties of restaurants that offer Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Nepali and other continental foods.
During your placement you will be provided with Nepali food Daal (lentil soup), bhaat (rice) with vegetable and sometimes eggs or meat if you are non-vegetarian. Most of the meals with host families are organic. If they have buffalo or cow they will offer you non-pasteurized milk. Usually host family eat food at 8:30 am and 7:30 pm in the noon they provide you snack that would be puff corn, beaten rice,  noodles etc.

During orientation you will involve in a two days tour after finishing your daily Nepali language that would be around  Pokhara

  How to Apply ?

-> Annapurna Trek
-> Chitwan Jungle Safari
-> Poonhill Trek
-> Teaching Buddhist Monks
-> Work for Orphanage Nepal
-> Upcoming Volunteers