Alliance Nepal’s mission is to work as a facilitator and motivator to improve the quality of life

 of disadvantaged people. Being a helping hand and support center for the holistic progress

of marginalized community, we works as a path finder of the local club and groups to achieve

 their goal of social justice, equality, prosperity and development. Another mission is to work as

a global volunteer placement center to build good partnership between emic and etic member

of community to unite for the peace and development.

Alliance Nepal visions making a new society where every member of society has equal access on

opportunities of life chances is fully guaranteed. Further more, we also want to see Nepal as a

best volunteering destination for global volunteer.



Objectives of AllianceNepal are

  1. Alliance Nepal is a social, Non Profit, Non Government, Social and Volunteer Organization.

  2. To mobilize Volunteers for development, reformation, progress and rise up of Community.

  3. To assist Volunteers.

  4. To produce the audio and video materials to increase the feeling of volunteerism among the

  5.  People and help community.

  6. To increase the skill of Volunteers and through Volunteers to develop the skill of People of Community.

  7. To mobilize Volunteers on the sector of Education, Health, Environment, Human Rights, Agriculture etc.

  8. To operate Programs for Back warded People and Community.

  9. To help local Youth Club, Mother Group, User Group etc.

  10. To study the Society and Culture of Nepal.

  11. To publish the different volunteerism promoting reading materials.

  12. To promote volunteerism.

  13. To increase the feeling of volunteerism among the People.


To fulfill our objectives the support and help of Volunteers, Partners and local peoples is require to us.




-> Annapurna Trek
-> Chitwan Jungle Safari
-> Poonhill Trek
-> Teaching Buddhist Monks
-> Work for Orphanage Nepal
-> Upcoming Volunteers