After taking their cheap flights from Jetabroad to go to Nepal, most volunteers prepare physically and mentally for the work that lies ahead.Upon their arrival, volunteers are provided with 3 days to a week of training in two phase (City and Village) depending on their length of program.  This is a rigorous training program to introduce you to Nepali culture, understand enough Nepali language to function in a village where few English speakers live, and prepare you for the possibility of living in a home with very basic facilities.

First Phase of training :
We will pick you up at the airport and take you to a hotel ,Next day you will catch  the  bus  for Pokhara, and we pick  up again  in  Pokhara bus park and bring  you to  our  Guest  house. During these 3 to 4 days you will be participating in the following activities:

  • 2 to 3 hours basic Nepali language per day
  • Cultural information / safety issues
  • Discussion of placement
  • Sightseeing in Pokhara
  • Nepali dinners
  • Shopping opportunities

The class size ranges from one to three students, so you receive a lot of personal attention.  Alliance will also coordinate a sightseeing and shopping opportunities.

Second phase training:
          After few days in Pokhara  you will be taken one of our placement village in Sarangkot ,lamachaur  on the outskirts of the Valley.  There you will spend between 1-2 nights living with a traditional Nepali family.  You will get a chance to hike, visit the local school, help the family in their daily tasks, and eat traditional Nepali food.  You will also become accustomed to living in basic conditions (no Western toilet, no shower , ..), a skill you will need to have developed for your placement.

Optional Recreational Activities                 More>>

For a small extra cost, participants will have the opportunity to join in a range of exciting recreational activities during their stay. We can organize trekking, rafting and safari as per your interest, but cost does not includes in our program fees.

1. Annapurna Base Cap Trek

2. Poon Hill Trek

3.Jungle Saphari


-> Annapurna Trek
-> Chitwan Jungle Safari
-> Poonhill Trek
-> Teaching Buddhist Monks
-> Work for Orphanage Nepal
-> Upcoming Volunteers