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Alliance Nepal is totally non-profitable social organization working in village are by villages 100% members of this organization also from village. It is an organization which work for the villagers to the villagers by the villagers. It is first organization which works in the field of volunteers being out of city. It is established spontaneously  by enthusiastic young. It is guided by the society of village. We are working since 2 years in the village by using  volunteers we prefer volunteer help. If any organization want to co-ordinate to us to achieve goals we are heartily welcome them.


We are frequently welcome to ask and quarry about our organization & site. You are welcome for suggestion in site. Thanks  

Please read the Booking Conditions

Alliance Nepal will review your application within 3 business days. If you are accepted into the program, you will revive an email notification, reserving your position in the training program.

To confirm your reservation, You must send Alliance Nepal your flight  arrival details.

After we receive your flight details, you will receive an email confirming your position in the training program.

You must be at least 18 years old a apply.

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Teaching English                   Cultural Exchange
Health & Sanitation                Environmental Awareness
Teaching at Village Resource  Working as a Veterinarian
Working in a Community Learning Center

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How did you find out about us ?

-> Annapurna Trek
-> Chitwan Jungle Safari
-> Poonhill Trek
-> Teaching Buddhist Monks
-> Work for Orphanage Nepal
-> Upcoming Volunteers