10 tips for Solo Traveling Women

Admin Date : November 14, 2019

Traveling abroad is a fun activity and it lets you enjoy your freedom. Normally, people travel abroad or even anywhere inside the same country with a partner or a group. While people enjoy time with their close ones, some enjoy traveling alone.

People who want to spend time with themselves, who want to know themselves more or someone who wants peaceful surroundings and a stress-free mind for some creative ideas might want to travel alone. It also allows you to do whatever you want and be totally dependent on yourself.

Although you can have all these benefits while traveling alone and it also proves you don’t need anyone else, it is not so safe for women to travel alone in comparison to men.

Sadly, there are many things that can become a hindrance while traveling alone abroad. Some of them can be:

Getting robbed

Problem in communication

Food taste

Losing important document

Getting caught

Bad tour operator

Therefore, here are some tips for women who travel solo:

Inform someone about your whereabouts

Always let someone know about your location but be careful whom to tell. Let them know about where you will be heading next and try to be in touch with someone time-to-time.

Know local emergency numbers

Local emergency numbers vary in different places. Therefore, save or remember the local emergency numbers in case anything goes wrong.

Carry your belongings carefully

While traveling abroad you carry a lot of stuff that is expensive and also your important documents. Also, you carry enough money for your stay. Hence, be careful with your baggage and your items.

Know the rules

The rules are different in every country in order to provide peace and security to the citizens and for the comfort of the people. So be careful and know the basic rules and regulations that you might need during your stay.

Be careful with food

While traveling, the food and the water might not be suitable for you and you might fall in bed. So, know about the food and its ingredients before eating it.

Carry a few medicines

While you are abroad you might fall sick or get some common sickness. Also, there are many countries where you need a proper prescription to buy any medicines and the check-up fees can be quite high. Therefore, carry few medicines with you, for example, painkiller, cough syrup, etc.

Carry a map

It is a fact that you are new to the place you won’t probably know anything about the place so carry a map with you. This will help you find the best way for you without asking anyone from the locality. Also, this will save you from fraud peoples and fraud taxis.

Book a hotel

Rather than being a walk-in guest, try booking a hotel previous handed. If you do this then it will save you money and also you can choose a hotel according to your choice.

Get a local dictionary

Buy a local dictionary that contains all the basic information and language translation while you stay in the place. It will make things easier with the local people.

Don’t hitchhike or travel with a stranger

While you are on your journey you might meet someone who is as well traveling alone and might ask you to join them. DON’T!! It’s not safe and you can’t trust them especially if you are traveling to an exotic location where there are fewer people. Also, avoid traveling at night.

These are the risk factors of traveling alone. But this doesn’t mean everyone is a bad guy. You just need to be safe so that you won’t be harmed by anything stupid.