Program Fee

As we are running our program totally depending on our volunteers program fees all the support we have been providing to the orphanage homes sponsorship and our children resource center come from our volunteer’s program fees. we are trying very hard to keep our costs down because we realized volunteers are making a big sacrifice and have saved for a long time to come to Nepal. Still there are some expenses that we have to cover that is why we request to our volunteers to pay the program fees.

However if needs to be remembered that Volunteering can be an expensive undertaking with possible costs including per-departure and on-arrival workshop or briefing. Language training selection and Screening of Projects and accommodation on local Transportation, food, on going program. Monitoring and 24 hours/7 days Emergency support. To provide participation with consistently high quality program it is also necessary to employ staff and maintain a proper development and evaluation , rent , salaries, Computer and Telecommunication to the Our project.

We work hard to Continue to work efficiently ensuring that Our program fees remain affordable for Our Volunteers and interns and Our Community work continues to be consistent and effective.

The program fees should be paid either in local currency, or US dollar, upon arrival in Pokhara

Teaching and Childcare volunteer program Fee:

 Program Weeks Fees in USD
2 Weeks


3 Weeks


4 Weeks


5 Weeks


6 Weeks


8 Weeks


After their extra per week $80

For Medical Internship and Buddhist Monastery Teaching cost you $200 extra with the above cost.

You will be responsible for your flight tickets to Nepal and visa fees

The visa (tourist) fee is currently US$ 25 for 15 days; US$ 40 for 30 days; US$ 100 for 90 days and US$ 2 for each additional day. You will be responsible for the visa cost. To see up-to-date Visa information.

You should obtain a 15 to 90 days class I Tourist visa in order to enter the country on arrival in Tribhuwan international airport in Kathmandu.