Best Life Hacks for Volunteer Travel

Admin Date : October 31, 2019

Traveling abroad for volunteering or volunteering while you travel abroad whatever you do it is both known as volunteer travel. In fact, volunteering is the best way to make your travel worthy and meaningful.

Additionally, it is also the best way to explore the local lifestyle upfront and the best way to live within the beauty of any destination.

While we all say volunteering is a selfless act and it really is! But surprisingly, you can be very much benefitted by volunteering than you can even imagine.

Volunteering abroad can create many opportunities by connecting you with professional people from different sectors.

It is very exciting to volunteer to travel abroad but at the same time very confusing! That’s why we have some tips for you. These simple hacks can make your trip very enjoyable.

Here are few Life Hacks for anyone who is thinking of volunteer traveling in Nepal.

Do your homework first

Before you travel somewhere you really need to know about the destination in detail which will help you to make your mind on whether to do the trip or not.

On the other hand, going totally unprepared can ruin your expectations. Furthermore, you can also have a clear understanding of the trip details like price, trip difficulty, problems and what you can explore, etc.

Bag Pack

Everyone will agree that packing is one of the most irritating and confusing things to do before traveling. It is very difficult for someone to decide what to take or what not to take for the trip.

Not to mention, your research will definitely benefit you here. You can properly decide what to pack for the trip according to the weather, culture, and tradition of the place.

The Himalaya region of Nepal is the coldest, the Hilly Region is moderate and the Terai Region is warm. Hence, pack your bag according to the place you will be traveling. Also, if you want to match in with the local people we suggest you wear long traditional clothes.

Knowing the language basics

If you are worried about the language barrier then you are worrying yourself for nothing because Emotion is a Universal Language!

Not to mention, Nepalese language is totally different from English so it can be troublesome to learn it within a short period. But the people are very generous and hospitable so you will go by perfectly even if you don’t know Nepalese language.

 If you wish to, you can learn a few specifics words that you need to learn for basic communications.

Learning to deal with daily situations

After you land at the destination, you will need to figure out different necessary things like food, lodging, and transportation. These factors play a major role in managing your budget because the price will vary according to their quality.

Surprisingly, you can make these daily situations easier if you can deal with it properly.

In many cases, the organizations will take care of your food, lodging but if you are traveling on your own then you need to take precautions.

For example, you can stay at backpackers if you are traveling on a budget. On the other hand, if you stay at a 5-star hotel it will cost you much more. You can use the public bus to travel somewhere instead of a taxi.

Add some adventure in your trip

Planning everything will make your trip comfortable but you might miss some adventures in the process.

Researching everything will let you know about the place according to your own term but if you go exploring around you can find things to be different.

You can even encounter some of the best moments that are not mentioned anywhere.

Instead of using maps go around on your own, asking local peoples about the route. But we suggest you do this around busy areas where you can find an instant alternative if you find yourself completely lost.

Furthermore, you can talk to them and learn about their lifestyle. Try asking questions to locals rather than searching for answers from travel agencies and tour operators.


These are some of the best hacks to make your volunteering period in Nepal comfortable and memorable.

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