Cool Tip for Volunteers: Map your Customer’s Journey

Admin Date : December 4, 2019

Volunteering is an act of serving people who need help without expecting anything in return. The non-profit activity actually turns out to profit you so much in terms of social learning and life lessons that you can’t even imagine.

There are many people out there in the world who needs help and who wants to do more if they get any push factor.

The volunteers help many people who are in really desperate need of help and support.

Not to mention, the warm gesture of volunteers will help them mentally too.

Therefore, volunteering is not only a helpful activity but also an act of giving and an act of kindness.

Who is a customer?

The word customer, in the volunteering sector, can be known as a generic term for people or groups of people a volunteer interacts with or helps out.

Basically saying the customer is the person whom the volunteer helps. Sounds kind of hysteric but yeah that’s how the “customer thing” works.

Also, a volunteer works hard for their “customers” as the salesperson does for theirs.

Normally, a customer pays you with money but in case of volunteering the customers pay with kindness as well as a new experience for the volunteer.

That’s the biggest difference in volunteering and being a worker.

Mapping Customer’s Journey

Mapping a customer’s journey is not a new idea in the business field where a company/ salesperson maps the journey of a customer from being a common lead to a buyer which helps them visualize or agreeably represent the experience of customers.

However, the term is new in the volunteering field where the volunteers can map the journey of people they helped.

Additionally, this incredible idea has excited many volunteers and the process is also exciting as well.

Why map the customer’s journey?

-Mapping the journey helps you to know the progress of the people whom you’ve helped.

-The process is interesting and yet another for volunteers to give their best.

-This method can also help to know what is best for volunteers and what actually helps the people and then apply it another time as well.

– You can even focus on your perspective of helping people.

-The innovation of new ideas to increase progress rates.

How to map the customer’s journey?

-Set clear goals for yourself.

-Work on improving your ideas and method of doing things.

-Observe the progress of the people you have helped.

-Find out what is the most effective thing that you do and imply it more.

-Don’t be afraid to make any changes! Make changes, where you think, is required.

-List out your weakness and work on it.

The method is very helpful for the volunteers as well as interesting. Also, it will help to become a better person, a better volunteer, and a better leader.

Therefore, you must try this idea when you go for a volunteering project next time.

It reminds us of one thing!

Why don’t you join us and use the method here?