Experience with Local Family

Admin Date : July 14, 2019

Alliance Nepal is a non-profitable organization for the volunteer work in Nepal established by young and energetic Nepalese volunteers. The organization is working for the development of the nation by providing education as well as health, environment and sanitary knowledge to the people of rural areas with help of other energetic volunteers. We focus on improving the lifestyle of people of rural areas by providing them proper information and providing them opportunity to learn computers, dressmaking and other income generating activities.

 While your stay in Nepal, if you want to do something to contribute in someone’s life to bring a major change in their life then this volunteering program is for you. We ensure your proper lodging and fooding during your stay and also give you internet facility. The volunteers will be living among peoples belonging from different culture and diversities that’s why you will have a great experience knowing about cultures and traditions of people around here. Staying with local families with their daily routines will be one of the new experiences to talk about. Their food which is not only made from ingredients and exact precision but also packed with their love and affection will make you crave for other dishes too.

 Not only you will learn and teach, you will also create bonds with these families and we assure you that you will start feeling like you are one of the members of this family. The cultural exchange program and volunteering program can be a genuine factor to remove cultural gaps between people around the world and also a factor for communication between many nations. The program fee are used to run the orphanage and also for the welfare and improvisation of orphanage for deprived children. We offer placements in both rural and urban areas with families experienced in having foreign volunteers stay with them. So, the staying facilities will be of your choice that you want to stay in rural area and learn about people of rural areas or you want to live in urban area. The place solely runs from program fee but still we have made the program fee as minimal as we could because we know that the volunteer will be greatly contributing from their sides for the development of our people.