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Admin Date : September 25, 2019

The world is getting advanced and faster each passing day. We have our own works and responsibilities and we are getting more involved in ourselves. Even if we are all living a better life at the present time, there was a time when we used to battle just for food. In some places, people still do.

The difference is that we used to have a war back then but these days, people ask with generosity. What makes us different from animals is that we are Humane. We grow by helping each other; we rise by lifting each other.

The psychological and physical benefits of helping others by Volunteering

There are uncountable benefits to volunteering. You can find new companions, associate with the network, adapt new aptitudes, and even advance your vocation.

Psychological Benefits

Helping others can help ensure their and your psychological and physical wellbeing. Volunteering decreases your stress. Also, it can decrease pressure, battle depression, keep you rationally invigorated, and give a feeling of direction.

Providing someone helping hands can improve your wellbeing and bliss too. Volunteering offers indispensable assistance to individuals out of luck, advantageous purposes, and the network, yet the advantages can be considerably more noteworthy for you.

Physical Benefits

To talk about physical benefits, it can increase your stamina and your activeness. Volunteering, especially in rural areas, often includes physical work too so you have to use your physical strength. Carrying stuff, walking from a place to another, monitoring peoples, etc. are some of the activities that you will do while volunteering. You are not obligated to do these stuff but yeah! Why not help within the helping team too?

Why help others?

Volunteering doesn’t pay you, it doesn’t help with your promotion, doesn’t help with paying bills so why to volunteer? This is the common question that volunteers get and sometimes volunteers might ask this question to self.

So why to help others?

We are humane!

We help each other, it is our nature. Also, we are totally dependent on one another for one thing or the other. We help someone each day in some ways. Support, learning, and motivation from someone else drive us to do more. So, knowingly or unknowingly we help each other all the time.

Find happiness in other’s happiness

When you work to help others, it benefits them and they get satisfied. This will bring a smile on your face too. Therefore, when you work for others happiness then you will surely smile too.

Explore new opportunities

While volunteering, you will get to know many peoples and you will get a chance to learn many things that otherwise you wouldn’t even know existed. This will open you new paths and opportunities for you.

Get a healthy and happy life

Volunteering increases your physical and mental capabilities. You will increase your physical capability and decrease mental stress and anxiety. So, this will help you get a healthier and happier life.

How can we help?

Normally you help someone just doing a small thing and you can make someone smile. But if you want to do something big and make a huge change in someone’s life while learning and enjoying yourself, we have what you need.

Therefore, the programs that we offer are all about helping someone with what you have and learning what they have. Choose any program from Our Programs section that, you think, can be beneficial and helpful.

Alliance Nepal has been contributing to connecting volunteers and local peoples for a long time. Hence, we are a trustable non-profit organization that doesn’t keep any amount of money for ourselves. We provide a comfortable stay and heartwarming environment during your volunteering period which will make you stay even longer.

Join Alliance Nepal to bring an enormous change in the world.