Helping out in the Holiday Season

Admin Date : December 29, 2019

Helping someone in need feels good. Seeing a smile on the faces of those you help feels good. What better way to feel that vibe than helping out in the holiday season.

This winter, let’s travel!

Let’s discover and let’s be useful to someone in some part of the world.

Alliance Nepal is a non-profit organization for the volunteer work in Nepal established by the young and energetic Nepalese volunteers, energetically working in education, environment, health and sanitation sector in different rural areas of Nepal.

Help them learn English

This program is set to help the young kids of the rural areas of Nepal learn English. These kids are very fun-loving, innocent and love the presence of foreign nationals. This program will give you a true experience of the education system in Nepal.

Moreover, helping out in the holiday season means a more open and free mind for you to get involved with the beautiful rural lifestyle of Nepal staying with a typical Nepali host family, in addition, living in a village with limited modern facilities. This is something challenging, isn’t it?

Learn the Monk way!

How many people get to live with the Buddhist monks and witness their everyday rituals?

Do you want to know how they manage life in this modern world? How they channel anger?

Look no further, Alliance Nepal’s helping out in holiday season brings you an opportunity to be a part of the lives of these monks and help them with sports, physical activities, creative skills and you can also contribute new skills! Does this make you want to fly straight to Nepal to explore these wonders?

Organic farming

Volunteering in Nepal never ends with possibilities. That is to say, if you’re more into organic farming, climate change, sustainable agriculture and livelihood, social work, international relations, development studies, and cultural studies, this project has so much in store for you.

You can even educate the local people to learn new skills that can help their farming. On the contrary, you can learn how they manage their livelihood; learn their tools, their tactics, and their creativity.

If these programs hit you and make you want to jump right off to Nepal, Alliance Nepal can help you with these outreach ventures.

You don’t have to worry about where your money goes, to clarify, we provide detail of every cent you donate.

We help you travel from your hometown all the way to our outreach stations and back home.

We coordinate you fully so that you don’t worry a thing about technicality.

You serve them, we serve you!