Importance of Student Volunteering

Admin Date : November 12, 2019

Student Volunteering is an act of a student providing help to other people without any return expectations. Not only, is volunteering a social activity of helping other people and keeping yourself in the discipline.

Not to mention, discipline is a must-needed factor for any student. Also, volunteering helps in making one disciplined and humble. Most of the universities and colleges conduct some volunteering activities time-to-time to keep students aware of social activities and things happening around them.

Surprisingly, there is around 55% of young people and students who are involved in volunteering activities. This shows that more than half of the students are in volunteering activities.

Requirements for volunteering in some courses

Volunteering is not only a social activity but nowadays, it is also a requirement in some of the subjects. The program is included in some courses. For example, in Bachelor’s in Social Work, you need to submit a thesis regarding the volunteering program that they are involved in.

Additionally, it encourages people to volunteer and creates opportunities for those who are interested in volunteering but still don’t know where and how to start it.

Why is volunteering important in studying?

Volunteering during college can be a course to work, or an opportunity to have a go at something new and create aptitudes. Also, it can assist students with interpreting which vocations they are pretty much appropriate to because of the enormous assortment of volunteering openings now accessible in a scope of various settings.

Volunteering can include a lot of advantages to students with regards to boosting their activity prospects or improving their self-assurance and aptitudes. Moving in the direction of a cause, without expectations of money related pay-out, shows responsibility and enthusiasm.

Where can student volunteer?

Alliance Nepal is one of the best options for students to commence their volunteering journey. Here’s some program where you can volunteer:

Volunteer by Teaching English to Kids

There are many places in Nepal, especially, in rural areas where there are no teachers and the local students are far from quality education. You can go to these places and teach English and other new things which can be useful to them.

Teaching English to Buddhist Monk

Do you like Buddhist culture and tradition and also want to learn more about them? Then here’s what you can do. You can teach English to Monks and learn from them at the same time.

Sustainable Agriculture Volunteering Program

Do you care about the environmental degradation problem? Does pollution and unnecessary chemicals everywhere bother you? Then this is a program for you. Here, you can learn about sustainable agriculture without causing any harm to the environment.

Medical Internship in Nepal as a Health Volunteer

There are still very fewer health facilities in rural areas. People are far from proper checkup and it is sad to hear that some of them even die from the disease that has proper treatment but due to lack of proper medicines and health facilities they die from such common diseases.

These are the programs that you can choose in Alliance Nepal. We are a non-profit organization and work for the welfare of society and people.

Thus, join us and create a better tomorrow!