Learning actively with Service Learning during Volunteering

Admin Date : October 22, 2019

Primarily, we all know that learning is a never-ending process and we learn something new every day. Learning new things can make you more intellectual, hospitable and humble.

You can gain learning from everywhere if you keep your mind open to a lesson every time. What we believe is that you either learn from a lesson or a life lesson.

Rote Learning vs Practical Learning

Rote learning can be termed as the method of learning where one can learn from books or other knowledgeable sources. It is also a method of learning from repeatedly trying to memorize anything.

Whereas, practical learning is the methodology of learning where one can learn from practical experience or field learning. In this process, you will observe the practical situation and gain learning from there.

Service Learning

Service Learning in the simplest term is the behavior of getting knowledge/ learning while providing service to other people. Also, Service-learning is a type of experiential instruction where you can learn through a cycle of activity and productive work. Furthermore, it is a practical method of learning.

Similarly, it is connected to volunteerism through a procedure of applying their constant effort for the well-being of other peoples. Hence, one can earn experience as they work to accomplish genuine goals for the people as well as for themselves.

Learning while volunteering

Volunteering is a selfless act where you help someone without any expectations or without seeking anything in return. Mostly we think volunteering is the act of only giving but the fact is that we can learn many things while in the process of helping others.

It is almost a 50-50 process where you give what you have and learn or earn while helping others. You will know about different cultures, values and also new learnings.

You can learn about leadership skills while being your own boss. Also, most of the volunteering will need you to be in a rural area or move out of your comfort zone so you will also learn to do things out of your comfort zone, that too for your own benefits.

Benefits of learning while Volunteering

Surprisingly, volunteering will benefit you more than the person/ organization you will be helping.

  • You can learn about the many opportunities that you wouldn’t know if you weren’t involved in volunteering.
  • On traditional learning, you will only learn about something verbally. On the other hand, volunteering will teach you things in a practical method and you can know about the community, tradition, and knowledge-based on your personal experience.
  • Also, abroad volunteering can teach you to be free! You can learn to be self-dependent in many cases which are very useful life learning.
  • Furthermore, you can get the chance to meet and interact with many professional peoples and organizations. This will help you to get professional help from the people in the future.

How can Alliance Nepal help you?

Alliance Nepal, a non-profit organization will help you to get connected with the needy people and also other professional peoples while you are in the process of volunteering.

Additionally, we also take care of your food and lodging by keeping you with the locals where you will be volunteering. This will give you a new experience with the local people and learn about them personally.