Making Friends and Expanding your circle while Volunteering

Admin Date : September 23, 2019

Volunteering is a kind act that is usually done for helping people. Volunteering is a process of social activity. Therefore, one needs to be social and generous towards other people while volunteering. Volunteering abroad is the best option for someone with a helpful nature and travel fantasy. Once someone starts volunteering abroad then you will find many difficulties and that’s what makes you excited. It’s how you view the obstacle that makes a difference.

Why Do We Volunteer Abroad?

Happiness is when you can change a life

May that be traveling addiction or helpful nature there can be many reasons why to volunteer abroad.

To find your happiness

Volunteering helps to bring a smile on other’s face and yeah that’s what makes you smile too. Helping someone always feels good may that be a small or big contribution. Research has also proven that volunteering decreases your stress and anxiety. And also, happy faces that surround you will make you lift your chin without even your knowledge.

Helping is not about fame or money

Once you start forwarding your hands towards someone for help, you will start to understand you don’t do it out of greed. The feeling that you get after helping them is greater than any other things. Therefore, after you start volunteering you won’t have greed for money or fame.

Find a purpose in life

The work you do for someone and the effort you put to make them successful is very genuine. Once you start helping someone you will realize your purpose. You will understand the things that you need to do for yourself as well as someone else.

Bringing positive change in someone’s life

You will knowingly or unknowingly bring many changes in life of different people. Your small contribution can help them in a very bright way. So, volunteering benefits both the giver and receiver.

Why is there a need to make friends during volunteering?

Work together, Volunteer Better

Working alone never feels good! You may not need a partner for any work but admit it! It’s much easier for someone to work in a team than working by themselves.

To make your work easier

It is much easier to work with someone and being alone. For example, you might be able to carry 30kg wooden log single-handedly but it can be much easier if there is someone to reduce the weight and pressure that log is putting on you.

Get a chance to learn new things

Since there are new faces, new tradition, and new cultures, there is a new opportunity for you to learn new things. You can know about a different culture and a different language. Not only that but you will even learn a new point of view to see something.

Coping with your loneliness gets easier

Volunteering abroad means being far from your family and you will feel lonely sometimes. Making new friends will help you forget these kinds of sad things and will cheer you up even if you feel alone.

Tips on communicating and making friends during Volunteering

Group Volunteering Abroad
Group Volunteering in Nepal

There are new people and the new environment but how you view things will totally make the difference here. If you take this situation as a disadvantage and feel low then you will have a difficult situation. Therefore, take this situation as an advantage to make new friends.

Try to have a conversation! Make sure you are not the one talking because it will sound like you are bragging. So, be an ice-breaker but also be a good listener.

Ask them if they need any help. Remember that you are there for helping people and this is also counted as helping.

Try to talk about each other’s hobbies, likes, and dislikes. This will help to be close to each other faster.

Volunteering at Alliance Nepal

Here, at Alliance Nepal we don’t just see you as a helping person, we see you as a family.

We organize different games and other interesting activities so that you all come closer to each other. We also manage the group where there are like-minded people so that there won’t be any argument.

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