Program Detail

Teaching English to Buddhist Monk

Volunteers will help to improve the Monks’s pronunciation, assist in managing their homework, organize games and other activities in the classroom, and help to improve the children’s listening and speaking skills. Hours can vary depending on the institution where the volunteer is  placed and the hours that the volunteer wishes to work. N.B. Volunteers DO NOT need to be a qualified or experienced teacher.

As a volunteer in  centre will give you the opportunity to teach and help students who are eager to learn and improve their abilities in English and other help . The students will also benefit from cultural exchange and different teaching techniques.

Your main role will be to help for study, however you may have the opportunity to assist in other school activities such as sports and extra curricular projects.. Depending upon the need, volunteers may be asked to assist in other school extra curricular activities like sports – Speaking, listening, writing

Our Monastery Placements

  • Matepani Goumba
  • Bhakunde Monastic school
  • Hemja Monastic school