Program Detail

Volunteer Teacher by Teaching English

Being a volunteer teacher enables you to explore Nepal as a local. In Nepali society teacher is regarded as everything and has high prestigious position. In one hand you will have chance to be a teacher and in other hand you will have good opportunity to have cultural study of Nepali society, way of life and more, joining this program.

Teaching program is a special volunteer program which gives you an opportunity for teaching in rural community schools in Nepal around Pokhara and spreading the brightness of Educational light among the children of rural villages in Nepal around Pokhara. As a volunteer teacher in Nepal schools, your main role will be teaching English / other subjects as per your skills and help children to be inspired for doing something good and great for their communities though the means of proper education / schooling.

In another way, it will give you a true experience of how the education system working in Nepal and gain rewarding experiences by teaching the village school children as a volunteer teacher. More on that, this program will also be a chance for you to enjoy the beautiful rural lifestyle of Nepal staying with typical Nepali host family; living in a village with a limited modern facilities! During your time at the program, you will be living with a local host family. They will not only provide you with an accommodation, but they will also provide you with food three time a day according to a typical Nepali menu.

If you are interested to volunteer teacher in Nepal Schools and love working with School Children in Nepal; then this is the right one for you.

In Nepal we have two types of education system, the private schools where the medium of teaching is English and governmental school where few subjects are taught in English and rest in Nepali medium. The governmental schools are handled with very less resources and the English volunteer teachers are always in demand. Nepal as a touristic country has English second language and the young children in Nepal are trying to learn English language because it is international language in this global world for world trade, commerce and communication. Without knowledge of English language a person in this time not only remains incomplete but opportunities will be severely restricted too.

There are many schools and institutions that educate children, but they’re not affordable to those who need them most. Our volunteer teachers will work in schools attended by students of low-income families in rural villages around pokhara. You will teach students who are eager to learn. You’ll converse with them to improve their pronunciation, teach English according to official curriculum, or use your own material or creative ideas in a different but fun way. This is also a good opportunity to gain teaching experience, serve those who need and appreciate you, and to help build your own career.

Your activities as a Volunteer Teacher

As a volunteer teacher, you will work in public schools or in child care homes teaching English language.In the public school the size of the class is usually 10 to 20 students. You will teach English 2-3 hours a day from Sunday to Friday. You might also be asked to take part in other activities like games, painting, music, sanitation, computers and arts. Nepali schools follow fixed courses for teaching English. However, you’re welcome to implement your own method.

Our teaching placements

  • Sarangkot (11 governments schools and 3 community school, Pokhara valley 6 government schools. Our own child care center )
  • Different village around Pokhara.