Sustainable Agriculture and its outmatching benefits

Admin Date : September 1, 2019

Sustainable agriculture is the practice of production of vegetables and crops using agricultural techniques. This will help to protect the environment, public health, human communities, and animal welfare. Sustainable agriculture enables us to produce healthy food without compromising with its quality. The quality of vegetation and animal farming is decreasing.

Though people are getting more into farming, people are unaware of the negative effect of chemical farming. Nowadays, people are getting influenced by chemical farming but it is bad in the long run. Switching to sustainable agriculture is the only option for mankind if we want to eat healthy food for a lifetime.

Why is Sustainable Farming necessary?

Sustainable farming is the same as organic farming. In this method, no chemicals are added while growing any crops which will ensure the quality of crops. People don’t know that using chemical provides instant benefits but in the long run, they are very harmful. It degrades the quality of soil and affects human health too. Some of the benefits are:

Proper Care of Health:

Sustainable farming avoids the use of chemical that is harmful to humans. The growing of crop can happen in the most natural way as possible.

Good quality vegetation:

Since the use of the chemical is avoided, the farmers start to take proper care of crops. They will provide time to time nourishment to them. As a result, we will get healthy vegetables for our daily meals.

Preservation of Environment:

The use of natural manures like dungs in farming will increase the quality of the soil. The productivity will rise and also we can avoid negative effects of chemical to air and soil.

Steps that were taken by millennials around the world

Sustainable farming is of peak interest for governments around the world. Due to all the negative effects of chemical farming and the disastrous effects it brings, it has been international topic. Every literate people are switching to organic farming. And for those who don’t know about its adverse effect, the government is trying to convey the message.

Alliance Nepal, a non-profit organization is trying its best to send this message around Nepal. We are helping people with the latest technologies and market scope of sustainable farming.

Are you concerned about the degradation of the environment and want to help?

Alliance Nepal has been conducting successful volunteering programs for a long time. Sustainable agriculture has been our concern and that’s why we have created a volunteering program which will help volunteers to learn about sustainable farming and also teach the local people what they know.

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