Sustainable Agriculture

Admin Date : April 4, 2019

Looking for a unique experience in one of the most diverse countries in Asia? Volunteering in Nepal will be a perfect choice! Stunning mountains, multicultural cuisine and a rich Buddhist culture are just a few aspects that make this country worth visiting. There are definitely many great surprises waiting for you.

Agriculture is the single largest employer in Nepal, providing livelihoods for 68 percent of the population. However, many local farmers struggle to make a profit and produce an adequate supply of food for their communities.

As a volunteer on the Sustainable Agriculture project in Nepal, your focus is on providing support to small-scale local farmers, resulting in improved livelihoods for farming communities and more resilient and sustainable agriculture practices.

This project is well suited to all volunteers, particularly if you have an interest in climate change, sustainable agriculture and livelihood, international relations, social work, development studies, and cultural studies. Volunteers with previous experience on an agricultural farm or organic farm are highly appreciated by the local community for the knowledge and skills they bring to the project.

Volunteers are placed with a local family to provide assistance on a farm, learning traditional Nepalese agricultural techniques and practices while also introducing knowledge of newer farming methods and market opportunities. You can expect to be involved in tasks such as clearing land, cultivating and harvesting crops, caring for and moving livestock, and general farm maintenance. If you’re someone who loves the outdoors and you’re looking for hands-on volunteer work, this is a great option for you.

There is also scope for volunteers to assist the farmers and local community with ideas on how to manage their farms from a business standpoint, with the aim of providing support to increase their financial security.

Please note that volunteers should have basic knowledge in related subject areas, such as economics, agriculture, micro-enterprise, accounting, business or entrepreneurship. Volunteers are also required to have a reasonable level of fitness and volunteer on the project for a minimum duration of 3 weeks.