Travel with a reason : Travel with a cause

Admin Date : July 12, 2019

Nepal is a beautiful country mostly known for its natural wonders, diversity in culture and geographical regions. The richness in natural resources and various obstacles in trails have made Nepal one of the most chosen places by adventure-travelers. Nepal is also referred as ‘Heaven in Earth’ by peoples around the world. It is not necessary to mention much about the natural beauties of Nepal.

Especially for trekkers and adventure lovers it offers wide range of trails. There are various sides of Nepal that attracts tourists but there is also a side of Nepal that only locals and few other peoples are aware about. Nepal is a land-locked country and also a developing country. The villages are still deprived from the facilities available in major cities and not to mention that there are even some of the villages that don’t even know advanced gadgets that are used to make our life easier exists on the other parts of world. We are Non-profit organization that offers you home stay and volunteering program where you will be contributing your skills and valuables for a noble cause.

As a volunteer you will be providing knowledge to our deprived children and you will also learn the culture and language of the local communities. So, it’s more like you will be teaching something and also be learning at the same time. You will not only be enjoying your holiday but you will also be contributing from your side for better future of people. The program removes barrier between two countries and makes this world a little closer.

You may not be solving problem of your country but you will definitely be solving problem of the whole world which is much bigger than just being oriented among countries. The world is suffering from problems such as Global Warming, Deforestation, Extinction of Wildlife, etc. and not a thing of surprise that human beings are the sole cause behind these all things. The answer to all these problem is Education, so lend your hand and the world will be different, the world will be much better. You will also be experiencing the natural beauty that you have never even dream of. The view and heart-warming surroundings is also a reason why you should volunteer in Nepal. After knowing that you have done such a noble thing for this world, you will be travelling back to your home with a nice experience, a bigger heart and cherish-able memories.