Volunteer vs. Intern | What’s the difference?

Admin Date : October 4, 2019

Volunteerism and Internship

Volunteerism can be known as the act of providing some physical, financial, mental or all of the above for any cause or to help someone who is in need of it without any personal benefits. Also, this is a selfless, kind and helpful work that anyone can do according to their limits and skills.

Moreover, most of the volunteering work doesn’t demand any specific requirements but some projects might need professional/ experienced hands.

On the other hand, an internship is a work/job you do to collect experience or a proper certificate for any specific job.

Work experience is an important factor for any candidate to land a reputed job. Therefore, an internship can be very helpful in their work.

Internship requires a specific qualification and skills. They must know about their work at least at the level that they can help the company they will be doing internship in.

Volunteerism vs. Internship

Comparatively, volunteerism is the act of giving time and aptitudes for the welfare of other individuals and some good causes instead of money related advantage. Also, volunteering doesn’t necessarily have any specific daily timing or routine. Therefore, one can offer to volunteer in their free time or whenever it is convenient for them.

Identically, the internship is all about getting familiar and experience on the specific work and the work environment. Therefore, internship is totally a give-and-take thing. The interns get the opportunity to learn whereas; the company gets their time and work.

What are a volunteer and an intern?

A volunteer is a person who is selfless, helpful and kind and who works for the welfare of the other people rather than their personal gain. Volunteers are generous and think of other peoples. They like to invest their free time helping needy people.

Interns are people who are thinking of landing a prestigious job. The interns totally work for their benefits and grab every opportunity to become more successful. The interns have a specific time period of their working.


  • Both volunteerism and internship can help you gain professional qualifications.
  • The saddening similarities can be none of the interns or volunteers have guaranteed chances to land a job.
  • Surprisingly, volunteer, as well as an intern, may get paid or unpaid according to the policy of the organization.
  • Moreover, volunteers and interns both will be working directly under the company.
  • Not to mention, volunteerism and internships both offer learning opportunities to the candidate.


Motives and goals

A volunteer’s sole motive is to help other people they will work for the benefits or the growth of needy people.

An intern will work for the company’s benefit but the main motive is to get a job or at least the experience to land the job.

Long-term benefits

An internship program will help you get a job! Hence, it will help to shape your career.

Not to mention, a volunteer has an equal opportunity to get a job but a volunteer doesn’t do it for the personal benefit.

Mental happiness and physical fitness

A volunteer is proven to be happier, stress-free and physically fit after joining a volunteering program.

An intern might or might not be mentally or physically fit after an internship program.

Helping nature

A volunteer will do something to help others in the field and practical life as well.

An intern might or might not voluntarily do any work if they are not specifically told to.

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