Volunteering in Health check-up camps

Admin Date : September 11, 2019

Nepal is a developing country. Most of the parts are getting advance and are in developing phase. The people of developed areas have access to most of the facilities. But in the places that are still not in the developing phase, these facilities are just some told stories. The people of these areas are even not sure that these facilities are fictional stories or real-life things.

Due to the geographical condition of our country, these places are still far from even basic facilities.

Condition of Health in Rural Areas of Nepal

There are health posts in the rural areas but these health posts don’t have enough facilities to provide complete care to any patients. We can find only a few medicines in health posts and most of the health posts don’t even have doctors to check patients.  The hospitals, in most of the cases, are far from the rural areas. The patients are carried in a basket called ‘Doko’ in Nepali. So, the people of rural areas feel lucky even if they manage to get a second-hand ambulance which is donated by other nations.

Imagine the condition of people in these areas. Internet and facebook status are only imaginary for them. They will be more than happy even if they have access to quality education and health services.

In some rural areas, the patients turn serious even if they are suffering from diarrhea because of the lack of proper care. In a worst-case scenario, a health post can also be a boon to people of very deprived areas.

The condition of the health sector is so poor that’s why Alliance Nepal has taken a major initiative for the proper health care of people residing in rural areas.

Medical Internship Opportunity

For the people who are searching for a medical internship, this can be the best option for you to gain an internship letter while helping deprived people of rural areas. We are here to connect both of the group to fulfill each of their personal needs. The person going there can earn an experience letter while providing basic health facilities to the helpless people of rural areas.

Any personnel related to the health field or education field are thought as same as a god by the people of these rural areas. So, you will get the best hospitality treatment from the local families. The life expectancy of the people around these areas is lower than the people of the town.  

At some extent, politics also plays a vital role in the development of these areas. The political leaders focus on developing their respected areas or the areas which can get a high number of votes. But thanks to the division of provinces, each state is trying hard to develop its own place. Due to the expiry of medicines and lack of proper health personnel the health of local gets worse.

Medical Internship from Alliance Nepal

Alliance Nepal is providing a wonderful opportunity for the upcoming health personnel of Nepal. We believe you are the only hope for betterment in the health sector. The statistic shows that there is only one doctor per twenty thousand people in Nepal. That’s why we are trying our best to make even slightest possible change in the health sector.