Volunteering Opportunities in Nepal

Admin Date : September 9, 2019

Volunteering can be defined as a selfless unpaid activity where someone gives their time to help a non-profit organization or an individual who they are not related to. We can also consider volunteering as an altruistic activity where an individual or group provides services for no financial or social gain “to benefit another person, group or organization” and to promote goodness or to improve human quality of life.

Since our country Nepal is rich in hospitality behavior, volunteering can be fun here. Most of the people may not be rich but all of them are kind. Everyone in this nation helps each other during the time of need. Also, most of the part of our country is still under-developed. The people of these areas are even far from their basic rights. Some of the people of rural areas still need to walk for hours to reach school or even fetch a jar of water. So, most of them have quit school to fulfill their basic needs.

What are we for?

Alliance Nepal is a non-profitable, non-discriminating social organization that helps people around the rural area and work to improve their lifestyles. Most of the programs we offer do not need prior expertise and skills. You can learn by doing and earn experience in the same manner. There are projects that range from volunteering by teaching to volunteering in the health sector.

Our programs include:

Volunteer Teacher by Teaching English

Teaching is a prestigious job in Nepal but due to fewer facilities in rural areas, most of the people hesitate to go there. Hence, the children of rural areas are not getting a quality education. So, we link you and these kids to shape their better future.

Teaching English to Buddhist Monk

This program improves the Monks’ pronunciation, assist in managing their homework, better learning, and help to improve the children’s listening and speaking skills. You will also experience cultural exchange and different teaching techniques.

Sustainable Agriculture Volunteering

This program is for all volunteers, particularly who are interested in organic farming, climate change, sustainable agriculture, and livelihood. Volunteers who already have experience on an organic farm are highly appreciated by the local community.

Medical Internship as Health Volunteer in Nepal

Are looking to get the first-hand experience in the sector of medicine in different hospitals, health cam, and projects. If yes, you should definitely come to Nepal and join our medical internship in Nepal program. One can gain experience as a hospital volunteer. Also, you will gain valuable practical knowledge and experience in your field of work.

Voluntourism in Nepal

Voluntourism means selfless unpaid activity where someone gives their time to make a difference in communities around the world as part of your vacation package.

To simply put it, Voluntourism is the activity to volunteer while traveling. You might visit different places and enjoy the tour. But most of the time you will see a problem in their system or their communities. You might want to help but in unknown territory, you wouldn’t know what you can do to make it right.

Hence, a Voluntourism program can help you travel with a cause. You will travel while helping the people around there which will make your vacation more adventurous.

Since Nepal is a touristic destination and also most of the part is still in the developing phase, you can easily volunteer here. Voluntourism is a to-do activity in Nepal because you don’t only perform the duties of a volunteer, but also discover new places, experience Nepalese culture, and learn more about people of this nation.

Alliance Nepal has been providing opportunities for volunteering for a long time. We are a proud organization which has been working for the welfare of the nation. And also, the people of rural areas to improve their quality of life.

25% of your program fee goes to community development. 25% of your program fee goes to the host family to cover your expenses. Half of your program fee is spent on your airport pickup, sightseeing and travel expenses in Pokhara, one-night stay in Kathmandu, travel costs from Kathmandu to Pokhara and vice-versa, language program. Hence, it shows that we don’t work for profit we work for a cause.