What to do when your Volunteering Abroad program fails to meet your expectations?

Admin Date : November 10, 2019

Volunteering abroad has been very convenient for travel-loving people and someone who wants to help others. Normally, people expect to volunteer abroad to be very exciting and fun. The volunteers expect new experiences from volunteering abroad.

Also, volunteering abroad is supposed to be a two-way process. Like, you teach others whatever you know and learn in the process.

Furthermore, the volunteers expect the program to be something that can at least help them in some positive way. But not all the time plan works as it is supposed to. Therefore, you shouldn’t set your expectations high before experiencing it.

Why couldn’t the program go as expected?

Setting expectation bar too high

The reason why your program couldn’t go as expected can be because you set your expectation bar too high. Yeah, we know that volunteering is an exciting activity where you can learn many new things and earn new experiences. However, you need to keep your expectations bar low because you never know what can happen next.

Selection of the volunteering program

Furthermore, you need to choose a good program for you. There are different programs in volunteering and that too varies in different organizations. Therefore, you need to select the best one for you. Also, it is best to do some research before commencing your volunteering journey.

Selection of organization

Another reason can be selecting a bad organization or an organization with poor management. Surprisingly, there are many organizations that offer volunteering experiences but not all of them are genuine. Hence, you need to be careful about choosing the best organization.

Here’s what you can do if the program doesn’t go as expected:

Reevaluate your situation

Sometimes, the situation is not as bad as you think it is. Like we told earlier, your expectations may not match your current situation but that’s completely alright. You need to think first if you are gaining the right experience or not.

Rethink about your intentions

Whenever you go for a volunteering program, you will think of the learning or earning that you will gain until the completion of the program. So, think properly if it is helping you get what you wanted or if it is helping you grow or not.

Learn the exact purpose of the program

Your organizers might be hiding the exact purpose of your program and making it sound much better in order to sell it to you. What is does is, it will set your expectation bar too high. Therefore, you need to learn what exactly the purpose of the program is.

If nothing is working and you are feeling worse each next day, consider leaving early. This will not help you in the program but still, it will be better than staying in the wrong place. This is one of the common problems when the organization is thinking about profit in the name of volunteering.

Therefore, we suggest you choose the best organization before starting the program. Alliance Nepal has been providing volunteering experience for a long time and it is a trusted organization by many people. Choose us to get a better experience.