What will I gain by Volunteering?

Admin Date : September 27, 2019

Volunteering abroad is all about teaching and helping needy people while learning new experience and traveling to different places. Do you feel like traveling to new places and learn new things about the place? Do you also feel like you need to help people? If the answer to both of these questions is YES then you need to start volunteering abroad! The best thing about volunteering abroad is that you will explore your own new sides. You will learn things that you didn’t know even exist and teach something that you never thought you could teach.

What is volunteering abroad like?

Volunteering abroad is a really great experience. Volunteering is never a selfish act and the places you go for volunteering the people are selfless and kind. Even if they don’t have enough for themselves, they will share with you whatever they have. Also, you can be independent, more humble and matured with the new experience of volunteering abroad.

Why should I volunteer?

Although there are many benefits to volunteering, the first thing you need to learn is that we have to help nature. We get emotional and energized to help people once we see them in trouble. So, more than thinking about benefits we need to think about our humane nature.

Still! Some of the benefits can be:

Self-independence and freedom

Exploring new places and new cultures

Bringing a smile on people’s face

Volunteering can improve mental health

Make new friends

Learn leadership skills

What is it like to volunteer in Nepal?

Volunteer work in Nepal is always a new experience even if it’s your second or third time. People all over Nepal are generous, helpful, kind and cheerful. They all have will to learn and also they teach anything they know without hesitation. Therefore, it will be exciting to teach them and you can learn new thing yourself. You will start to see everything positively once you adapt to their environment.

I hope you are excited to volunteer in Nepal after reading this post. If you are, we will arrange the best program that is suitable for you. For more details please visit our contact section and leave us a mail or call us directly.