Why Empathy is the key to better Volunteering

Admin Date : November 29, 2019

Volunteering is the act of giving. Normally people understand volunteering as an act of helping someone without getting something in return. But it is not completely true! The volunteering activity is not only about giving. Additionally, you get so much in return while volunteering that you won’t even feel like you are not getting paid.

Volunteering to create consciousness

Volunteering is so much important to create consciousness within yourself as well as around you. The ability to share other people’s feelings (empathy) is really essential within a person. Not to mention, we are human beings and we live in a society and not everyone is perfect here. Therefore, everyone needs other’s help in order to live a happy and peaceful life.

How is empathizing beneficial?

Generally, empathy is a way to comprehend another’s feelings and to think about someone else’s point of view. By building this feeling, we can increase our capacity to have an interconnected perspective.

Henceforth, the feeling of empathy places us more in line with our very own feelings, how to process and get them, so we would then be able to identify others’ enthusiasm and the reality of the world all the more adequately. Also, if a person loses the feeling of empathy then they will be very self-centered. It will create a habit of thinking for them only. So, in the future, this behavior can also lead to harm to others for personal good.

Becoming a better Volunteer with Alliance Nepal

Building sympathy in yourself is then vital if you wish to have a worldwide vocation of learning and communicating with new societies. Figuring out how to hold command over your own feelings and environmental energy while being rational and having own perspectives is very important.

Here at Alliance Nepal, we don’t only provide the volunteering services but we also increase your sub-consciousness. We are here to help you and we also need your help. Together we can create a better future.