Why Recruit College Student Volunteers?

Admin Date : December 1, 2019

Volunteers are of different fields, different age groups, and different communities. Different people have different opinions and different ideas with themselves.

But it is important to recruit college student volunteers for better volunteering services and experiences.

First of all, college volunteers can be an important member of your volunteering program.

Also, with greatly focused mindsets, students are progressively getting involved in volunteering organizations.

Additionally, they believe that organizations can help them to assist them with growing real-world skills and lift their resumes.

Process of Recruiting Volunteers

Normally, you can recruit a volunteer just by looking at their interests and availability.

But! The case is different here.

The non-profit organizations should be extra conscious when it comes to recruiting college students.

Hence, here are a few things you might want to consider while recruiting college student volunteers:

Ask their interests

Almost all the college students involve themselves in some volunteering activity at least once, one way or the other.

But ask them genuinely what do they want to do?

Are they really interested or it is just for experience and certificates?

Talk to the professors about your needs


You are providing opportunity and you shouldn’t be that choosy but yeah you need to have few expectations that will make things easier both ways.

Know about their timing and availability

Being a college student, the volunteers can have a lot of assignments and they need to attend classes too.

Therefore, learn about their availability and schedule before you recruit them.

Arrangement of accommodation and fooding

It is not necessary to remind you that college students wouldn’t have enough money for the extra expenses most of the time.

So, make sure you learn about their condition right now and arrange food and lodging facilities for them. And if you can’t provide it then let them know before-hand.

Program-oriented training

Not every program needs training but some delicate volunteering programs might need training before they start volunteering.

Therefore, provide them the quality program so that it wouldn’t be confusing after they join the program.

Difference between a College Student and non-student Volunteer

Knowledgeable and Disciplined

College students are disciplined and are knowledgeable. Not saying non-students are not but we are just saying that college students are taught about several things that can help your volunteering work.


Also, being a college student, they are more punctual and can meet deadlines too.

This will help you if you want them to finish a project within a limited time.

Up-to-date information

Most of the people studying in college are updated with the latest technology while having information about anything that is happening recently in the world.

Passion and Curiosity

It is true that if you don’t know about something then you wouldn’t try to find about it because you wouldn’t even know that you are searching.

On the other hand, if you know something a little bit then it will create curiosity and that drives them to learn many things.

And students are also in the process of learning that’s why are curious and passionate about everything.

Few Reasons for Recruiting College Student Volunteers

  • Building community awareness
  • Involvement of future leaders in helping activities
  • Teaching future leaders while learning from them
  • New ideas and innovations

Not to mention, volunteering can help to make their CV more professional and trustworthy.

So, why not concentrate on recruiting skilled volunteers from the nearby institutes?

This will help you as well as the college student volunteers to grow together beautifully.