Working with Indigenous Communities while Volunteering Abroad

Admin Date : November 3, 2019

Is it true that you are amused by individuals of different traditions, their one-of-a-kind customs, and extraordinary social activities? Do you like to attempt new things and new expressions? Or on the other hand do you think that it’s common living like a neighborhood?

Surprisingly, the experience makes you a better person than before. Also, our change in thinking and opinion will amuse you. You will have a difference in your own heart.

Lifestyle clash between international volunteers and local community

You can’t deny the fact that there will be many obstacles and difficulties while you are volunteering abroad. Additionally, the western and eastern cultures are totally different. Therefore, you might even face difficulties with foods, electrical gadgets, and daily lifestyle.

OK at least agree that at some point when you travel abroad or when you’re moving out of your usual range of familiarity, it tends to be somewhat terrifying. In any case, when you let yourself in someone else’s home and there is no proper facility you get quite upset.

Volunteering abroad can be quite difficult, especially; if it’s your first time. Not to mention, volunteering is all about the main purpose of helping so it might not be as much of a trouble for volunteers.

Ways to develop a relationship

Most importantly, your attitude towards the obstacle makes a lot of difference. For example, you will definitely taste new food, some you might like and some you might not. You will surely be happy with good taste but you might be upset or even angry with another food that doesn’t please your taste-bud.

What you can do here is you can keep a positive attitude and be grateful to get a chance to taste something new. This won’t harm their emotions and even make your relation stronger.

Furthermore, you can research the local people’s norms and beliefs and also what they restrict before you visit your destination. This will prevent you from doing anything that might offend the locals.

Also, the best way to create harmony among the indigenous communities is to create and send them a proposal beforehand.

Don’t forget what you are there for! You are there to help someone so don’t hesitate to offer your help anywhere where you seem needed. That’s how you create a bond.

At the point when your activities truly affect another person’s life in a positive way, you will find your own purpose in life. Henceforth, when you challenge yourself to overcome all obstacles, you will develop into a better person. Join Alliance Nepal for a better future, for a better you!